Wethers are male sheep who will not be breeding rams.  They grow fast, make good wool and meat, and don’t bother the ewes.  A small flock like ours can only have one ram, and Robert, having proved himself, has that job for the immediate future.  So yesterday was the day when all the boys received an extra rubber band just like the one they all get on their tails.

As we caught and handled each lamb, we were astounded at their strength, vigor, and size.  They ranged from 6 to 18 days of age and most weigh over 20 pounds!  We’ve had sunny weather for a few days, and John has moved the ewes and lambs up onto the hill pasture.  It’s their favorite: a  playground for the lambs, great views and more space for the ewes.  Just a few days on the hill turns wobbly babies into nimble athletes.


Moms and lambs heading in for dinner
Moms and lambs heading in for dinner


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