The Shawl


The first project on the Macomber is off the loom!  Before we know how it turned out, the fringes must be tied and trimmed and the entire shawl washed, dried and pressed.  The intent was to become familiar with the loom, and I enjoyed that.  I learned a few things:

  • how to use the brake when advancing the warp
  • how to wind yarn on a paper quill while the electric winder flies at breakneck speed
  • to go ahead and re-wind the quills if they aren’t quite right, or you will spend hours trying to untangle yarn when it doesn’t feed freely out of the shuttle
  • how to use that extra warp thread on the edge for alignment
  • to appreciate the loveliness of twill [diagonal] fabric
  • and, of course, there is so much more to learn!
Shawl ready for final touches
Shawl ready for final touches

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