Preparing for the next weaving

These days, activity in the studio centers around planning.  The beautiful butterfly mat has been removed from the loom and is on display at the fiber arts school in Damascus.  The warp for the next rug has been prepared and awaits installation on the loom.  But there is no yarn for the weaving of this next project and the plan for it is not yet finalized.

John draws his designs, wrestling with the challenges of color, interacting shapes, and flexibility [because one can only guess how the design will fill the space].  On the pin-board you can see the design for the rug that will be woven at the Damascus school.

John designing his next weaving.
John designing his next weaving.

Meanwhile Marilyn spins, spins, and spins some more.  All the wool for this next project and its sister rug that will be woven at the art school will come from one sheep:  Melissa’s gorgeous 2012 fleece, almost 11 pounds of creamy white, glossy Romney wool.

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