January 6-8 spinners retreat

14 spinners gathered at the rustic Silver Falls State Park conference center to spend a glorious weekend spinning and connecting with each other.  Our accommodations included a small meeting hall, just right for 14 spinning wheels and all the stuff that goes with them, and 8 tiny cabins on the hillside near the meeting room.  We were very well fed by the conference center, and of course everyone brought snacks to share.  Although details cannot be shared because of an agreement that “what happens at silver falls, stays at silver falls”, suffice to say we had wonderful prizes, progress on technology, brilliant mechanical repairs, no thirst at any time, romance, gentle snow,  learning, lots of help, and hours of chatter.

I came away with two spun and plied skeins of colorful wool intended for a project making color block vests found in the most recent edition of Spin-Off.  I scored a large bump of beautiful dark Jacob fiber and spun a skein of that at the retreat as well.  Unfortunately, when I fumbled with my I-Pad sync process all my photos and videos of the retreat disappeared.  I know they are there somewhere, but just don’t yet know how to dig them up.

It sure is a great feeling to spend time with people who share your interest enough to devote a weekend to it.