January, 2014

The weaving of Marilyn’s blanket did not take long, compared to John’s tapestry weavings. There is as much air as wool, lots of open spaces, no packing. So in January, the blanket came off the loom. There were two errors that attached the top and bottom layers and had to be cut and retied. Not bad for a first try. I wasn’t sure how easily the blanket would full, and was terrified it might felt if I just put it into the front loading washer. So I washed it in the tub, dried on no heat. No change, no fulling. Washed in the washer on “hand wash” setting and dried on the lowest heat. No fulling at all. Tried “delicate” wash and higher heat. At last, the yarns seemed to have moved a bit closer to each other, and the 6 foot width of the blanket became little more than 5 feet.

Blanket before fulling
Blanket before fulling

Hmmm. After fulling, it barely covers the double bed. So now I’ve decided to weave side panels. I’m still happy that the entire top of the blanket is in one piece and don’t mind seams along the side.
I loved weaving it. Time to start the search for a 48 inch loom. I was fortunate to sit with weaving master Maureen McNulty, at the spinner’s retreat. Between Maureen and Audrey Moore, John’s tapestry teacher, I am blessed with excellent coaching and support.

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  1. That is really nice, Mar! I look for blog updates often….when it rains, it pours. Love the updates and pictures.

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