Getting to know the Macomber loom

We are building quite a relationship with this new loom.  On Saturday,  Fred, Sarah and Frances [husband, daughter and grand-daughter of weaver Carol] came to visit.  They wanted to see the loom in its new home.  For them, I am carrying on a legacy.  Even though Carol stopped weaving many years ago, it seems weaving was a vital part of her.  It must have been hard for the family to let go of that loom.  Fred, facing his loss, accepts the need to downsize and simplify.  Sarah treasures each woven artifact that represents her mother, and seeks to enrich her daughter’s experience of her grandmother every way she can.

Fred, Sarah and Frances  come to visit
Fred, Sarah and Frances come to visit


Frances absorbs the experience of newborn lambs, bellowing sheep, an exuberant dog, smells of straw and hay and dung, and all the expressions of this lifestyle we have chosen.





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