Exhibition at the Multnomah Arts Center

At the urging of fellow weaver Phoebe, John and I both submitted entries to the Portland Handweavers Guild for an exhibition that will be set up in June at the Multnomah Arts Center.  This was our first time to photograph our work, write a couple of paragraphs about it, and submit various paperwork to the guild.  If accepted, our pieces will be on display along with the work of lots of other weavers.  John submitted his latest, “After the Klagetoh”.  John always plans his weaving carefully, thanks to his career as an architect.  He intends to include the drawing of this rug as well.  After he draws and colors half of the design, he can make a color copy and tape the two together to see how the whole rug will look.

















I submitted the ruana I wove in 2016.  The warp yarns were dyed with indigo and lichen known as usnea.  I had just two skeins of the indigo, so I concentrated the blue toward the middle of the ruana.  I made a spreadsheet to inventory my yarns, calculate lengths needed, and to plan the pattern.  A useful tool for a floor loom weaver, but not a part of the work of art like John’s architectural drawings.  I found the shawl pin at a fiber arts supply store on line–it’s perfect with this shawl.




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