Another treasure: Nagy spinning wheel

About once a year I get on Craig’s list and look up spinning wheels. I did that in 2012 and there it was: the Schacht wheel I had been hoping for. This time, right in front of my eyes was an ad for a Nagy wheel. Made in New Zealand of rare Kauri wood, I had been interested in one like this since visiting the Kauri forest and museum on the North Island of New Zealand in 2009. It needed some work, having worn out the leather bearings inside the bobbins, but I could not resist.

New Zealand made Nagy spinning wheel, 1972 vintage
New Zealand made Nagy spinning wheel, 1972 vintage

6 thoughts on “Another treasure: Nagy spinning wheel

  1. I have one of these wheels it is dark and has metal tag that reads 1981 Nagy By Woodspin Wellington N.Z. I was wondering its value. I am thinking of selling it, but can not find it on the web to find price to put on it. Thank you for your time Sandy

  2. I also have an I. Nagy wheel 1977. It’s in perfect condition all original although I replaced the hooks with a larger size. I still have the original hooks and 5 bobbins. I’m considering selling it and would like your opinion on value.
    Thank you.

      1. Hi Norma,
        Lynne sold hers for $400. It was a 1977 upright wheel with 5 bobbins and 3 whorls. What is your wheel like? Do you have a photo?

  3. If anyone is selling their Nagy upright wheel I’d be interested. Please let me know. I had one – lost it in a house fire & would love another. Felt like the Rolls-Royce of spinning wheels 🙂

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