A new loom in the studio

The Mac
The Mac

A few weeks ago, after I finished the blanket and found it was not quite wide enough, I began to think about searching for a loom with a weaving width of 48 inches rather than 36.

I spoke to my friend Maureen, who taught weaving for many years. She offered to show me her 48 inch Macomber loom, and spoke passionately about its virtues. We decided to post a notice at local weaving haunts. The next day Maureen was posting the notice when she spotted another–advertising a vintage Macomber loom that seemed to meet all my criteria!

Maureen accompanied John and me to look at it, and an hour later I was writing a check. Today, dodging rain and with son Paul to help us, we disassembled the loom to reduce the weight (solid maple–so heavy), loaded it on the truck, wrapped it in tarps, and in an hour it was safely lodged in the studio. I expected to spend months hunting!

So now, I am challenged, inspired, and and a little intimidated by this magnificent machine.  Anyone interested in a friendly old hand made 4-harness loom?

One thought on “A new loom in the studio

  1. Hello Marilyn,

    My dad forwarded your e-mail to me with your note and web address. It makes me so happy to know that my mom’s loom found the right owner. I love that through the wonders of the internet I can see it set up and ready to go. I will keep an eye on your product page to, hopefully, see what you create.

    Do you have visiting hours at the farm/studio? I would love to come out sometime with my daughter and my dad.


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